YOUcanteachPE is helping children from all over the county discover new and effective ways to prime their mind and bodies for learning. The secret to our warm ups is that we don’t view it as just warming up. Rather, it is an important part of the PE lesson and serves as an opportunity to improve skills, build strength, or enhance other parts of the lesson to come. In fact, we believe that every minute you have in the lesson is precious time to be active and learn.Therefore, everything in our PE lesson is purposeful.

What we have done throughout our planning is to structure the first several movements of the lesson in such a way that children can ease their brains and bodies into the demands of the learning. By asking thought provoking questions that are linked to the learning objective, we can have our children dive directly into the lesson without wasting time and energy on pointless,  unrelated content. 

In this installment we are going to highlight how asking these thought provoking questions before the warm up will have powerful carryover to the PE lesson. Getting children active in PE lessons is key to mentally and physically preparing them for the learning to come. However, learning can be accelerated and purposeful by linking the warm up to a pertinent question.

For example in today's warm up we ask the question: 'How might I travel at speed?' Children will then be asked to 'Think While You Play (TWYP)'. 


This process will better prepare various parts of the body as well as give them time to think and explore. When children return form their warm up activity they will not only be ready for lesson physically but also cognitively! 

Give this warm up a shot and share your videos, photos and thought provoking questions on twitter with the hashtag #YCTPETWYP.


Use the  'bank of games' activity card above and challenge your children to become divergent thinkers through posing pertinent questions allowing them to 'TWYP'.

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