Mrs Knight  Assistant Head Teacher, Bedfordshire.

'Great resource. Easy to use. Staff are able to print the lesson plan and bank of games quickly and understand exactly how to teach each lesson. Staff and children really enjoy the imaginative games and the competitive nature. I personally enjoyed how active the lessons are, all learning takes place in the form of games. Would highly recommend.'

Mr Barker, Deputy Head, Hertfordshire.

'YCTPE has transformed the way our school teaches PE. Staff are confident and lessons are active. Looking forward to continuing to use it throughout the year. Very easy to follow lesson plans and the bank of games paints a perfect picture of what is required.'

Mr Henderson, PE Coordinator, Buckinghamshire.

'We love the bank of games cards, saves time and such a fantastic resource to help with teaching points and key questions. Capture the flag is a class favourite! Will continue to use.'

Miss Young, Bedfordshire.


'As a NQT I have found this resource very useful as I haven’t had much exposure to PE teaching during my training years. I am able to read the lesson plan and then take out the bank of games cards. The bank of games tells me exactly how to set up each activity, what progressions and differentiation I can include and then key questions. I have really enjoyed teaching PE this term and am looking forward to using this resource in September.' 

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