We’ve been having some chilly mornings here in England, so it’s the perfect time for another Purposeful Warmup installment. In addition to raising core temperature, preventing injury, and priming and preparing the body for movement, a YOUcanteachPE warmup will also increase your children's mind muscle connection. Do you often find yourself rushing through the warm up just to get on with the lesson? Try looking at it as an opportunity to develop kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness to help your children  move better and get them playing with purpose. 

If you’ve ever found yourself short of ideas of exactly what to do before gymnastics lesson, or doing the same things over and over, give this warm up a try and notice the difference.

In this warm up we demonstrate how using a play based activity can not only enrich the learning environment, spark imagination and accelerate motor learning but children will be having a tremendous amount of fun in the process.

The concept we are aiming to achieve is to get children outside of this habit of 'we are doing gymnastics' and 'we are learning the handstand in these steps'. Remember that sport is the vehicle for the learning, nothing more, nothing less. 

'How do you teach a child how to tense their core without getting them in a static gymnastic shape?'

Every movement we teach comes from a sensory base and a child's body awareness is cemented through play. To put this in greater context in today's warm up activity children will be playing with purpose, you will give children a warm up task that they don't know is a drill for 'developing handstand balance and overall core strength' instead they will take it as an opportunity to have fun and play. 

Give this warm up a shot and share your videos, photos on twitter with the hashtag #YCTPE.

Use the  'bank of games' activity card above and challenge your children's sensory skills by asking them to 'Play with Purpose'.

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