Play with a Purpose!

YOUcanteachPE takes an innovative approach when it comes to children's Physical education. 


Modernising PE​

YOUcanteachPE bridges the gap between the FUN sessions coaches offer whilst stepping away from the traditional technical, skill based PE teaching of old. We look to tap into children’s inherent desire to play with a games based pedagogical approach. We noticed that there was a lot of planning and resources out there that solely focused on the teaching of technical aspects of sport, neglecting the true nature of what children need to learn to be life long PE and sport enthusiasts. More so, these resources were so full of technical jargon that neither teachers nor children could access the learning, lessons do not allow for full inclusion and end up being passive and underwhelming, e.g. standing in lines, taking turns to bat etc. 

'We are all the same? Right?'

How would Usain Bolt run if he was taught to use the same technique as everyone else?

Not every child will learn in the same way, in fact they may not even perform the skill in the same way but does this stop them being effective at completing a task? With our Chose-Do-Review strategy we give children a platform to be creative, lateral thinkers and see what works best for them in order to be successful. These game-based learning experiences are designed to elicit the children's' tactical awareness and skill development from situated learning experiences and give them the tools they need to enjoy, learn and progress.


We accomplish this by:

      Playing games with a purpose that allow children to meet the success criteria and learning intentions.

      Playing modified versions of the game whilst making them competitive and fun.

      Inclusion though differentiated versions of the game to match children's’ skill with challenge. 

      Use of might questioning to evoke creative feedback that will improve their next learning experience. 

All content offered by YOUcanteachPE has been used, reviewed and improved by both PE teachers and class teachers to make it as accessible and progressive as possible.

© YOUcanteachPE 2019 

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