Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the KS2 package give me access to all lessons or just one sport?

A. The KS2 package will give you instant access to a complete academic years worth of subject content across the whole of KS2.

Q. What is the ‘Bank of Games’?

A. The ‘Bank of Games’ is a booklet that lists every game or activity that is in the lesson plans.  Each game or activity will come with a clear diagram of how to set up and run the activity, provide teaching points, show how to differentiate effectively and provide you with key questions and assessments.  Why not have a look at an example HERE?


Q. Can you show us how to implement YoucanteachPE effectively?

A. Absolutely, we offer twilight CPD sessions.  Learn how to use these resources effectively, to ensure high quality teaching and maximise pupils’ learning and progression.  Book a twilight staff training session for 1 ½ hrs and receive Bank of games ring bound, laminated hard copy for FREE.


Q. How will I receive the content?

A. The lesson plans and Bank of Games will be sent directly to you via email upon purchase.  This means you can have instant access to all the content and have the option of printing out resources.  


Q. How do I pay for the package?

A.  There are many options available to your school. Once you purchase the product you will be taken through to a secure checkout where you may pay by credit or debit. Alternatively we can will send you an invoice and you have the option to pay in a way that suits you.

A. No, we strongly believe that PE lessons should not be repeated.  We believe students should progress.  This is why our lessons plans are differentiated throughout upper and lower KS2.


Q. Can I get access to KS1 lesson plans?

A. KS1 lesson plans are in the pipeline! A very exciting introduction to all aspects of PE is required for KS1.  These lessons will be available at the start of the 2019/20 school year.  Why not join our mailing list to ensure you hear about them.

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