About us

YOUcanteachPE was created with the teacher in mind, as we recognise that the best person to deliver quality PE is the class teacher.

    YOU know your class better than anyone else.

    YOU are able to support the needs of all children with EAL and SEND.

    YOU have the most effective behaviour management strategies.


    YOU are able to differentiate the work accordingly.



Everything YOU  need and more!

Clear teaching points, clear differentiation, clear progression and exciting lessons for teachers to teach! Each lesson plan is accompanied with a walk through resource of the skills that need to be learnt allowing the teacher to focus solely on the children and progressing them to the next stage in their Physical Education.


We Can save YOU   time! 

Teachers time is precious as we know! We don't expect teachers to be experts on each topic, but don't tell the children that! The schemes give you an overview on what areas you will cover and our bank of games resources link seamlessly

with the lesson plans to give you a clear set up with diagrams and aim of each learning episode. Our lesson plans aim to free up teacher time and allow them to concentrate on delivery rather than planning, as we know you already have enough of that!  

With our complete, simple to follow outstanding lesson plans and class teacher friendly resources, YoucanteachPE! 

© YOUcanteachPE 2019 

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