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Outstanding Physical Education


starts with YOU! 


We take an innovative approach when it comes to children's Physical education in a hope of bridging the gap between the FUN sessions coaches offer whilst stepping away from the traditional technical, skill based PE teaching of old.  YOUcanteachPE has been designed with purpose in every lesson; “play with purpose” is a frequent point of instruction for our activities. introducing the fun element back into PE and heightening sensory engagement we allow children to connect mentally with their bodies, even in the simplest of movements, this will bring new levels of quality to everything your children do. Below are some options and resources for learning more.

Teach Quality PE with our 39 week comprehensive program using choose-Do-review and built in AFL to build growth mindsets, improve the quality of the learning environment, and reignite your children's passion for play. 

Learn and improve your PE curriculum with YOUcanteachPE, our CPD courses will develop your PE pedagogy by showing you the foundational principles we use in our schemes, planning and assessment. Perfect for PE Coordinators or schools looking to understand the “why” behind Physical Education and school sport.

Bank of Games: A complete Teacher's resource provides immediate access to 18 unique Games based activities per topic including warmups you can use any time with your children to develop skills, strengthen imbalances, and prepare for the session ahead. If you subscribe to our email list you will receive a FREE weekly warm up and information on how we link each warm up with a sensory base. This is a great way to start in on some fun and functional movements right away and getting children playing with purpose.


Try these two warm ups sampled from YOUcanteachPE Bank of games booklet and get your children thinking while they play.....

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